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Most of the conventional advice for wealth advisors is outdated.

Wealth Advisor Training is your source for the tips and tactics used by the very best financial advisors.

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✔️ procedures and systems every financial service COO needs to scale

✔️ how to differentiate yourself from competition

✔️ retention strategies es to ensure 99% + year after year

Meet Your Instructors


Matt Blocki, CFP® ChFC® RICP®

Matt has spent over a decade in financial services and founded Equilibrium Wealth Advisors in 2020 with an eye on building towards $1 billion in AUM. As he has built out his team, he has implemented principles from the EOS model and applied them to his proprietary financial advisory system.

This has translated into his firm building from $550k of revenue in 2017 to $2.75M in 2021. That 5x growth over 4 years is enabled by the systems outlined in the Wealth Advisor Training courses.

Wealth Advisor

Jamison Smith

Jamison joined the EWA team in 2020 after starting his financial planning career at Northwestern Mutual. At EWA, he has taken on 75 high net worth clients in less than 12 months & scaled to over $650k revenue and >$65m Assets Under Management before the age of 25.

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